The City Club of The Mahoning Valley is inspired by and founded upon the principles of free speech and civic discourse, and the belief in the power of informed conversation to spark change in The Mahoning Valley, the region, and the state. We subscribe to the mission of our parent organization, The City Club of Cleveland (, founded more than 100 years ago as

            … a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse Forum for citizens and thought leaders invested in understanding and discussing the issues and ideas that shape the region, nation, and the world. In a world of hyper-partisanship, the City Club is a beacon for reason, free speech and a vital and vigorous exchange of ideas. Our Mission is to inform, connect, and motivate citizens to take action on issues relevant to our region and beyond. Our Vision is that the City Club is a national model of civic engagement.

The City Club is about conversation that sparks connections, and connections that spark action.